Tattoo Studio

screenshot and wireframe

This project was a homepage re-design of an existing website for a tattoo studio in Hawaii. The website and a starting wireframe were assigned by the instructor. The original website contained a lot of descriptive text about the business, but was poorly organized, with an amateur and outdated appearance that did not support its self-description as friendly, inviting, and highly professional.

sketch first mockup

The design process included a site analysis, the creation of a mood-board and two versions of a high-fidelity mockup. The first pass addressed the site's navigation while signaling a friendly, beachy place of business. Feedback from the first mockup suggested that the design should more strongly present tattoos as a form of art and that the website should act as an art gallery for the studio.

final homepage

The final homepage featured images of tattoos, more artistic typography, and pulled in an inkier palette while keeping warm color accents. The Gridism framework was used to create a responsive design. Additional tools were used such as Font Awesome and a little JavaScript to create a smoother page load.